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Sessional Address Delivered By The DCE, Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu, On The Occasion Of The 3rd Ordinary Meeting Of The 4th Session Of The 3rd Assembly

Hon. Presiding Member,

Hon. Member of Parliament, Akatsi North Constituency,

Hon. Assembly Members,

Heads of Decentralized Departments,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

2023 Annual Action Plan

Hon. Presiding Member, the level of implementation of activities in the 2023 Annual Action Plan as at 30th September, 2023 was about 46.09%. This as a result of the inability of the Assembly to received funds to execute the projects as envisaged. For instance, it is in our plan to construct a market shed at Ave Xevi, construct police station at Ave Dzalele, drill 8 mechanized boreholes with polytank storage across the district, complete the slaughter house at Ave Dakpa and procure additional 300 dual desk and 150 pieces of KG furniture for our schools in 2023. But unfortunately, the Assembly has not received any amount for the execution of these projects. These projects are carefully selected to positively affect the lives of our people in the district. The DACF budget for the year is GH¢2,969,379.98 and as at August 2023, the Assembly receive only GH¢450,515.84 representing 15.17%.

Hon. Presiding Member, the IGF budget for the year is GH¢240,223.67 and as at September 2023, we are able to collect GH¢136,243.00 representing 56.71%.

Hon. Presiding Member, the inability of the Assembly to receive inflows from its revenue sources envisaged (DACF, DPAT and IGF) have affected our plans for the year.

The detailed performance of the Third Quarter 2023 Annual Action Plan in respect of specific programmes, projects and activities implemented under the various Development Dimensions of the National Development Framework –Agenda for Jobs; creating prosperity and equal opportunities for all carried out during the year is presented in the table below.

S/No.Development Dimension3rd Qtr. 2023
 Economic development1910
 Social development5021
 Environment, Infrastructure and Human Settlement2412
 Governance, Corruption and Public Accountability3114
 Emergency Planning and Response21
 Implementation, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation21