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Ave Crocodile Resort Set to Reopen Following Safety Measures

After being closed down by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) since 2021, the Ave Crocodile Resort is preparing to welcome tourists once again. The closure came after a tragic incident when a tourist ventured into the site without the guidance of a tour guide, leading to the implementation of vital safety measures to ensure such incidents are prevented in the future.

As part of the efforts to ready the resort for its long-awaited reopening, the staff of the Akatsi North District Assembly arrived at the site on Thursday, August 3rd, to initiate a thorough cleaning and restoration process. The cleaning exercise was led by the District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu and the District Finance Officer, Mr. Elikplim Amegashie.

The Ghana Tourism Authority, in collaboration with other relevant agencies, has meticulously outlined a series of recommendations to be enforced before the resort can resume operations. These measures include enhanced visitor safety protocols, rigorous training for staff members, and the establishment of clear guidelines for guided tours.

“We are devoted to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our visitors. The closure has provided us with an opportunity to reevaluate our existing procedures and make the necessary changes. Our primary focus is on preventing any similar unfortunate incidents from occurring in the future,” stated by Hon. Ofosu. He used the opportunity to thank the staff of the Assembly for their support.

The forthcoming reopening date of the Crocodile Resort is eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With the dedication and hard work demonstrated by the Akatsi North District Assembly staff, coupled with the adherence to the GTA’s safety recommendations, the future of the resort shines bright. The District Finance Officer assured the public.


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