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The Akatsi North District Assembly, through the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, undertook a commendable initiative to empower 37 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) made of 18 males and 19 females by providing them with revenue-generating items. The program aimed to enhance the economic independence of PWDs, thereby integrating them more fully into society. The program was organized in the various communities on the schedule which is from 26th October, 2023 to 7th February, 2024.

The primary objective of the initiative was to equip 37 Persons with Disabilities with the necessary tools and resources to generate income independently. By providing items such as deep freezers, cassava graters, plastic chairs, wheelchairs, sewing machines, and cement bags, the program aimed to create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods among PWDs.

The program was facilitated by the Akatsi North District Assembly together with Department of Social Welfare and Community Development. Over the course of several months, the Disability Fund Management Committee vetted and approved  identified eligible beneficiaries who needed revenue-generating items urgently. The selection process prioritized individuals with disabilities who demonstrated a willingness and capacity to utilize the resources effectively for income generation.

The presentation was held in the various electoral areas the beneficiaries are coming from between 26th October, 2023 to 7th February, 2024 with a notable turnout of stakeholders and community members. The event was attended by key stakeholders, including the District Chief Executive, the District Coordinating Director, chiefs from various communities, staff of the District Assembly, assembly members and members of the local communities.

Speeches from the District Chief Executive, commended the efforts of the assembly in promoting inclusivity and empowerment. He encourages the beneficiaries to make good use of the items given to them as it was procured upon their own request and approved by the Disability Fund Management Committee.

 He also appealed to community members to patronize the services of the beneficiaries to sustain their businesses and livelihood. He added that, government is committed to the empowerment of the PWDs.

 Each recipient received their respective items. These items included:

Deep Freezers, These appliances were provided to enable beneficiaries to engage in businesses such as frozen food sales, ice block production, and cold storage services.

Cassava Graters: Facilitating the processing of cassava into various marketable products, such as gari, flour, and cassava dough, these graters were allocated to enhance the economic activities of the beneficiaries.

Plastic Chairs: Supporting the establishment of small-scale rental businesses, the provision of plastic chairs aimed to enable beneficiaries to generate income through event rentals, meetings, and gatherings.

Wheelchairs: Addressing mobility challenges, wheelchairs were distributed to enhance the accessibility and independence of PWDs within their communities.

Livestock: Two persons requested for goats to rear which 3 goats each were given to the beneficiaries for rearing at Avevi and Ave Posmonu communities.

Other Items: Knitting machines, Industrial Sewing, Digital Photo printer

Hand Sewing Machines, Palm Kernel Cracker and water pumping machine. Additionally, other supportive materials or resources such as cement and roofing sheets were provided based on individual needs and preferences.

A beneficiary receiving a deep freezer at Ave Dakpa


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